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Harmony Farm Supply provides retail and commercial sales ofirrigation, drainage, and rainwater harvesting equipment. This includes pumps,water tanks, control systems and staff that can provide design services. Openseven days a week, we strive to educate the public on water efficiencytechniques in both landscaping and farming.

Harmony Farm Supply is renown for its excellent irrigation design services provided by our Certified Irrigation Designers for large and small systems with an incredible number of successful projects under their belts. In most cases, this design service is free of charge with the purchase of materials.
Large Systems
  • Field surveying
  • Engineered irrigation plan
  • Complete materials list
  • Cost estimate
Small Systems
  • We will design a system from your map or plot plan. Please read the drip and sprinkler design sections of this website for the information we will require of you to provide this service.
If you already have a design and materials list, let us quote prices. Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery maintains a large inventory of competitively priced irrigation equipment and supplies. Whether you are a grower of food crops or ornamentals, we make special effort to get you your materials on a timely basis. We know the importance of plant irrigation. We also have several irrigation specialists on staff ready to assist you with any residential question that you may have. Please call any us for consultation or a quotation on your irrigation system.
Rainwater Harvesting Design Services:
Combined with our Irrigation Design Services, Harmony Farm Supply provides Rainwater Harvesting design services by our ARCSA certified staff. With an incredible number of successful projects, and a selection of all the necessary components, Harmony Farm Supply is the go-to source for any Rainwater Harvesting System. 
Rainwater harvesting involves capturing rainwater before it reaches the aquifer—usually from roof gutters—and storing that water for future use, typically for irrigation and/or livestock watering during dry periods. The rainwater is often stored in tanks (above ground or below ground), a pond, or a cistern. For purposes of explaining the functions of a Rainwater Harvesting system, this description will employ water storage tanks.
Tests & Analysis:
Soil Tests
Do you have enough organic matter in your soil? What is the pH? Do you need to add calcium? We offer a variety of soil tests and analysis of those tests from a very Basic test to a Complete test to help you create the best growing conditions.
Water Tests
Are you sure that your water is suitable for drinking? agriculture? We offer several tests to ensure that your water is suitable for your specific application. 
Plant Tests
Petiole sample testing can tell you a lot about your particular perennial plants.
In-Store Workshops
Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery offers a great selectionof in-store workshops.
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