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Square D/Schneider Electric is a leading supplier of electrical solutions to the Pump industry. Key intelligent controls such as VFDs, PLCs and HMIs, complemented by an industry leading line of pressure and float solutions. In addition to a fill product offer, we have resources that focus on pumping applications and can provide application and design assistance to help optimize your pumping solutions!

When you're concerned about energy efficiency, pump systems design, or enhanced system reliability Square D/Schneider Electric has the resources available to help you succeed. To meet the challenges ahead in today's market, you need more than a product supplier - you need a solutions provider! Square D is an innovative partner committed to helping you solve you most interesting pumping challenges, while working with you to optimize your pump system design. To meet this demand Square D offers a full line of control & automation solutions that allow you reduce design time and simplify pumping applications, while optimizing pumping operations and costs.

Water & wastewater, commercial buildings, industry or irrigation - Whatever your focus. In order to increase customer satisfaction you must supply machines which are more safe, energy efficient, reliable, at a reduced cost and shorter lead-time. Your choice of Control Solutions is now, more than ever, a determining factor in distinguishing yourself at each stage, from the design and development to implementation and maintenance of the machine.

To meet this demand, Schneider Electric offers MachineStruxure™, automation solutions, which help you to quickly design pumping solutions that are optimized regarding costs and energy efficiency, whilst maximising their performance throughout the service life of the machine. MachineStruxure™ solutions for pumping applications allow you to:

Reduce time to market
• Don’t start from scratch: use TVDAs (Tested, Validated, and Documented Architectures) to begin designing your application
• Don’t program: use pre-designed and easily configurable Macro function blocks to develop your application

Increase profitability
• A single supplier for a complete solution, from the optimized to the performance offer
• Embedded pumping functions such as cavitation protection, pump stage and de-stage, PID, and others

Improve efficiency
• Energy efficiency: a set of libraries make it easy to achieve greater energy efficiency
• Optimize performance by selecting only required functions
• Controllers and drives with compact dimensions to optimize panel size
• Wide range of remote I/Os provides a cost-effective solution for expanding your system

Simplify integration and maintenance
• Wide range of HMI options for monitoring capabilities to suit your application
• Connected everywhere: remote wireless access e.g. through Web visualisation or OptiM2M as well as smart devices, Cloud solutions, and the Internet


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