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UV Dynamics designs and manufactures Ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection systems. UV water disinfection is a proven, affordable, environmentally friendly technology that can help you to ensure the safety of your water supply.

Extreme weather, spring snow melts and run-off from intensive agriculture activities are all affecting the safety of our private water sources. Even municipal water can no longer be assumed to be safe with boil water advisories becoming more frequent. Compared to chemical disinfection, UV water disinfection can never overdose, has no effect on taste and odour, and no carcinogenic disinfection by-products are produced with UV water disinfection. UV water disinfection is considered effective against cryptosporidium and giardia, pathogens which are almost completely resistant to chlorine. UV water disinfection systems have low operating costs and no tools are required for maintenance or lamp replacement.

All our models incorporate both audio and visual lamp failure indicators along with an annual lamp change reminder timer. Many models also incorporate an isolated low voltage solenoid drive circuit for an optional water shut-off solenoid valve.

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Located in London, Ontario, Canada, UVDynamics is a privately held corporation that designs and manufactures ultraviolet water disinfection systems. Prior to entering the ultraviolet disinfection market in 2001, the principles of the company were involved for over twenty five years with some of North Americas largest UV OEM's . Our experience includes control components, UV detection systems and UV power source components for residential, industrial, commercial and wastewater UV systems. All of the UV power sources of our UV disinfection systems are designed and manufactured in-house. Our UV power sources are not merely adaptations of power sources used for lighting, but are application specific products designed to optimize the UV output and lifetime of the UV lamps.

All of our water disinfection chambers are designed using specialized CAD tools to predict performance. The performance of all chambers has been third party validated using industry accepted test protocols.

Our products are fabricated in our London facility using highly automated processes, ensuring high quality products at a competitive price.

We are confident that once you become a UVDynamics customer, you will stay a UVDynamics customer.


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